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Application for a Special Hauling Permit

Please read the following information carefully and make a selection at the bottom of the page.

Permits are issued pursuant to the authority conferred upon the Commissioner of Public Works by subdivision 15 of Section 385 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, which provides among other things that all permits issued shall be revocable by the authority issuing them at the discretion of said authority without a hearing or the necessity of showing cause, either before or during movement.

It is understood and agreed that any and all movements shall be made in the manner provided by law, and in accordance with the conditions and regulations as hereinafter set forth, all forming a part hereof, in which the applicant agrees in the acceptance of this permit to assume all responsibility and liability for damages to persons and/or property that may accrue during such movements of the vehicle or combination of vehicles through the negligence of himself, his agents or employees, or from any other cause and to save the County of Albany harmless therefrom.

Legal Weights and Dimensions

Vehicles exceeding the weights and dimensions allowed by the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law are required to obtain a special hauling permit before traveling on Albany County highways. Permits are required for vehicles that have a weight or a dimension exceeding:


  1. Total gross weight: 80,000 lbs
  2. Maximum wheel loading: 11,200 pounds
  3. Maximum weight, one axle: 22,400 pounds
  4. Maximum weight, tandem axles, four (4) to eight (8) feet apart: 36,000 pounds
  5. Other axle combinations: See Vehicle and Traffic Law

Width: 8.5 ft

Height: 13.5 ft

Length (for a single vehicle): 40 ft

Length (for a combination vehicle): 65 ft*

*Certain overlength vehicles are permitted on routes designated as Qualifying or Access Highways. Click here for NYSDOT's list of designated highways.

Permits will not be issued for loads that exceed the vehicle's registered weight.

Divisible Load and Bulk Milk Overweight Permits

An exception is made for trucks carrying divisible loads. These vehicles will be allowed to travel County routes if they have NYSDOT Divisible Load or Bulk Milk permits. A "divisible load" is any vehicle or combination of vehicles transporting cargo of legal dimensions which can be separated into units of legal weight without affecting the physical integrity of the load. Examples of divisible loads include: aggregate (sand, top soil, gravel, stone), logs, scrap metal, fuel, milk, trash/refuse/garbage, etc.

Rules and Regulations

(a) Operations shall be conducted, insofar as it is possible, to permit safe and reasonable free travel whereby all safety provisions for the movement of such traffic shall be provided by the permit holder. Red warning flags, size 24 inches by 24 inches, shall be carried to warn and direct traffic, and as indication of oversize load moving.

(b) In moving over any narrow section of highway or narrow bridge, where it is impossible to keep free and clear at least one full lane of pavement for passing traffic, each movement over such section shall be accompanied by a flagger, stationed at least 500 feet ahead and 500 feet following such vehicle so as to warn and protect traffic. Clearance shall be checked on bridges, and where there are weak or posted bridges a detour shall be made.

(c) This permit is not valid on any highway, street, avenue or bridge over which the Albany County Department of Public Works has no jurisdiction. Permission to use the NYS Thruway, state highways, town highways or city or village streets shall be obtained from the proper authorities.

(d) Overhead wires, cables, signals or traffic lights, limbs of trees, or overhead structures shall not be disturbed without first obtaining permission from the owners thereof. Movements are not to be started until after such consents have been obtained from said owners. 

Special Conditions

(a) All movements shall be limited to daylight hours (between the hours of sunrise and sunset).

(b) No movements shall be made on Saturdays, Sundays or the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, or the day preceding or the day following Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.The day preceding or following means any normal working day, Monday through Friday.

(c) Bridges or roads with posted weight restrictions shall be detoured and posted weight limitations shall not be exceeded. Before crossing bridges or entering underpasses or tunnels, vertical and horizontal clearances shall be carefully checked to ensure ample clearance.

(d) All loads shall be securely fastened so as to prevent shifting of load or falling from transporting vehicle.

(e) All movements shall be limited to times when weather and road conditions are favorable. In case of heavy snowfall or icy pavements, moving vehicles shall be removed from highway and movement not resumed until pavement has been cleared full width and/or sanded.

(f) Rear view mirrors on the sides of the vehicle may extend up to 8 inches on each side beyond the stated width. Mobile Homes: In addition to the above allowance, hardware and running lights may extend up to three inches on each side beyond the stated width.

Current Insurance Coverage Limits

The Carrier identified on the permit application must have one of the following coverage limits in effect for the duration of the issued permit:

1. $750,000.00 bodily injury or death / $250,000.00 injury to or destruction of property; or

2. $1,000,000.00 combined single liability coverage for any one accident; or

3. Undertaking on file with the Albany County Department of Public Works (Government and Municipal agencies ONLY).

Special Hauling Permit Payment Information for Travel on Albany County Highways

Permit fee invoices are mailed at the end of each quarter. Haulers that are more than two quarters (roughly 180 days) overdue will not be issued new permits until payment is received.

Countywide Area Permits:

Countywide monthly or annual permits are available for vehicles that do not exceed the following weights and dimensions:

Total gross weight:

108,000 lbs


        12 ft


     13.5 ft


        80 ft

Vehicles exceeding these dimensions will require a separate permit for each trip. Note that the maximum total gross weight is lower than NYSDOT's area permit maximum.

The hauler is responsible for surveying the route before each trip and assessing whether the route is viable for the load being transported. The following County routes are EXCLUDED from the annual permit due to road geometry:

Route number

Road name


CR 6

Ravine Road

Long grade > 10%

CR 108

Copland Hill Road

Narrow Lanes

CR 311

Beaver Dam Road

Hairpin curve

CR 412

Airport Road

Hairpin curve

Any route with an active construction project. Click here for a list of active projects.

In the event an oversized load is being delivered to a location within an active construction project, call this department at (518) 765-2786 three business days in advance to allow coordination with the construction contractor.

The fee schedule for area permits are as follows:

Trip Permits

Trip permits are required for vehicles exceeding the dimension and weight limitations for Countywide permits, and are also available for single trips for loads under the limitations, if the hauler does not anticipate making more than one trip per month.

To apply online, click the appropriate button (trip or area permit) and click accept.
Trip Permit
Countywide Area Permit
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I DO NOT accept the above terms and conditions
To apply by fax, click the appropriate form below, fill it out and fax to (518) 765-3459.
Trip Application (PDF*) | Area Application (PDF*)

Please note that online applications take less time to process.

Albany County Department of Public Works
Lisa M. Ramundo, Commissioner
449 New Salem Road
Voorheesville, New York 12186
(518) 765-2055